Partner Retention Research

Digital Experience & Automation @ Juniper Networks
Role: Lead UXR
Year: June 2021
Research Method(s): Stakeholder Interviews, User Interviews, Affinity Mapping
Spoiler: I was able to find out why Juniper Networks wasn't having a 100% renewal rate across the supply chain (e.g. distributors and end-customers) - Read on to find out more!
Background and Goals
  • Investigate why the renewal rate across the supply chain was not at 100%
  • Stakeholder interviews, to gather more context (like the history of the project), to define success metrics, to see what their priorities (what they want to hear from users, any underlying assumptions) were, and to encourage buy-in
  • Interviews, to gather more context from their working environment(s), to understand their wants, needs, and attitudes, and to strengthen the relationship between Juniper and its customers, and to talk to different groups of users,
    • Sample: Distributors
    • Sample: Resellers
    • Sample: End-customers
Crucial Insights
  • Distributors, resellers, and end-customers have their own OKRs (“Objectives and Key Results”) to meet, that are more urgent and impactful to their own services and product renewal rate
Research Impact
  • Strategic Impact
    • Provided clarity on why Juniper Networks was not having a 100% renewal rate, allowing for context for understanding and informed resource management
    • Created a journey map of how partners and distributors interacted with one another
  • Stakeholder collaboration Impact
    • Co-created an affinity map with stakeholders, analyzing and interpreting findings together, encouraging them to have an active part to play within the research process
  • It's okay to make mistakes! This was my very first UX position at a big company, and I was terrified of making mistakes, so much to the point that it overwhelmed me to the point of paralysis, but the tough love support that I got from my mentor (Vaishnavi Mande) and research lead (Deaneen Newell, Ph.D) really helped give me the kick in the butt that I needed to get those brain juices going.
  • This being my first position within UX and my experience at Juniper really grounded into me that IT'S OKAY TO COLLABORATE! It's okay to ask questions and think out loud with people! The more you talk to people, the more you genuinely listen to them and relate that to their role, the more of an informed understanding you will have of the situation.