Health Tech - Confidential

UXR @ Google
Year: July 2022- Dec 2022
Research Method(s): Stakeholder Interviews, User Interviews, Prototype Testing, Concept Evaluation, Usability Testing
As much as I'd like to talk about this, I can't! It is proprietary. However, I can talk a little bit about what I've learned.
Crucial Insights
  • There is ease and unease with certain interfaces - factoring in ergonomics is key when it comes to health tech.
  • Consider the relationship between a user’s required (and/or preferred) privacy and the people that reside in the area where the health tech is
  • With how sensitive and traumatizing the relationship between the Medical-industrial complex and users can be, how might we design entry points and experiences that can factor in and affirm the ebb-and-flow of health for historically marginalized folks (e.g. able-bodied, disabled folks, chronically ill, LGBTQ+ and trans, Black, Latine, Asian, etc.)?